MOT testing

TyreCom Autos are an authorised MOT testing site.


We can test your car while-u-wait using our brand new Class 4 MOT bay.

Our MOT tests are impartial and fair. We have an experienced MOT tester to ensure your car meets the required standards of the MOT test - we can offer valuable cost saving advice if there are any issues with your vehicle


Unlike other companies we do NOT try to grab your business by charging you very low for the MOT such as £15 or by offering FREE MOTs.  How can such companies survive? They still have to pay for the test fee, wages, heating, lighting, rent, rates, etc.

To make up for the loss of the cheap / free MOT it is in their interest to be unreasonable with you and your car and try to create work and sting you with stealthy charges for small items and repairs and even charge you the MOT re-test fee.

We feel it is better to be more transparent with customers and not have a vested interest to fail your car without good reason as you are paying us the right amount for the MOT test and your fee actually covers our expenses and we do not need to unfairly generate extra work from you and your car.

Thus we have no option but to happily be FAIR and REASONABLE and can offer you invaluable IMPARTIAL cost-saving advice!


Further MOTs can be even CHEAPER when you decide to have a service or tyres or choose from many other combined offers.


** Standard MOT price £54.85 - COMBINED OFFERS FROM £40.00 **


MOT retests are FREE


Please call or pop in to make a booking today!




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