4-Wheel Alignment / Tracking

It is important to check your wheel alignment to extend the life of your tyres, improve handling and performance and to ensure your vehicle is setup to the vehicle manufacturers' specifications.

TyreCom Autos offer advanced digital 4-wheel alignment / tracking using the latest Supertracker equipment.

The Supertracker aligner has become the preferred choice of alignment equipment by a wide range of vehicle manufacturers including Ford, Vauxhall, BMW, Honda, Peugeot, Renault & many more! The unit features all the latest technology, covering all aspects of adjustability within the modern vehicle chassis including toe, camber and castor adjustments.

Advanced digital accuracy

Manufacturer specifications are pre-loaded in our vehicle database so it enables us to have an efficient set up speed and we are able to achieve incredibly accurate results very quickly.

Measuring accuracy with new generation sensors is as low as 0.01mm

You receive a full colour print-out showing the various values before and after the adjustments.


There is no set total fee for alignment as different vehicles have different setups / axes of adjustment.  Some vehicles have independent adjustments whereas other vehicles have fixed components which are not adjustable.  If you vehicle only has / needs front adjustment, the front sensors work in tandem with the back sensors so regardless of if your vehicle needs front wheel or 4 wheel alignment, we still place the 4 alignment sensors around your vehicle and the computer will perform key measurements and then calculate how far in or out your alignment is and what needs to be done.  We will first show you how many adjustments (if any) are required and only charge you for what has been adjusted.

Setup / check: £10 + vat
Front toe (for both sides including setup fee): £45 + vat
Rear toe: £17.50 + vat per side
Camber: £17.50 + vat per side

Sometimes you may be fortunate that when we perform for example a toe adjustment, the camber angle is brought in automatically.  Although it will show on the report that it has changed (before and after), as we have not physically had to 'put a spanner to it' to make the adjustment, you will not be charged for it as it adjusted itself as a result of another adjustment.

As the adjustable components are exposed to the elements, they may be seized and cannot be freely adjusted.  On occasions they may need additional non-standard work to free them up to enable the correct adjustments to be made.  This may involve additional use of heat or mechanical work which may be chargeable.  Accordingly, we will keep you informed as best as possible so you know any complications we may face.

You will receive a highly detailed print-out showing the alignment values before and after the adjustments.

Please call us for a quote or to dicsuss your needs further on 0121-474-5555

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